Liposoluble Warm Waxes

Liposoluble Warm Waxes

Liposoluble Warm Waxes

Liposoluble warm waxes “italwax”:
• Warm waxes are designed for removing hair from large areas (legs, arms, back). 
•  hair removal is performed with special strips or depilation paper.
•  working temperature is 39/40°c
T.m. “italwax” offers a wide range of depilatory waxes for different hair and skin types, as well as for cosmetologists with different tastes. 
The right choice of wax is in many ways crucial to the effective and painless procedure.

Transparent waxes:
Designed for effective removal of thin, light hair, characterised by great adhesion, applied in a thin layer.
Product form: cartridge 100 ml, cans 400 ml and 800 ml.

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